Update from Jenny More Pre-School

By Jenny More

New School Year

JMPS New Year

Our school opened on the 24th of January 2017. The teachers prepared everything in advance to make this a smooth day. We received 23 Eagles (5-6 years) and 10 Bubbles (4-5 years). All this learners will be taught by teacher Pricilla.

The 2 Angels (2-3 years) and 7 Lollypops (3-4 years) are being taught by teacher Zanele. She is currently on maternity leave but we expect her back the first week in April. Whinile Schudla is helping us out in the meanwhile.

Our school fees has gone up with 9.5% and learners are currently paying E43.80/month/learner. This is still a very low fee compare to other pre-schools in our region.

Teachers made Attendance Registers, Playground Duty Rosters and decorated their classrooms. New updated Class Rules, Behaviour Faces, Learning Centres etc. were put up and the School Calendar for the year were planned. The learners were divided into their 5 work groups. (Tigers, Zebras, Eagles, Lions and Elephants).

Hand and footprints were made of each individual learner and the importance of healthy eating were introduced. Our focus was informing the learners about the danger of soda drinks which creates structural damage in the brain. Soda drinks cause distended colon and insulin rushes and a reduction of IQ levels, brain fog and toxic stress. This brief health eating lessons will continue throughout the year. Learners also did induction training to familiarise themselves with their surroundings.

Class 2017

This year’s vegetable garden planning was done as well and a new food menu was compiled for the year.


Parents 3

Parents assisted in weeding and fertilizing the vegetable garden – our maize is looking good!

The Life Skills for the year was worked into the school programme and kicked off on Friday the 3rd of February with teachers educating learners about emergency numbers. Life Skills will be done every Friday and will continue throughout the year.

Playground and maintenance work

Mandisa and Chris worked hard to get the playground in a good condition. Swings were adjusted and fixed. The washing line was fixed and building rubble removed. The flower garden were demolished and planted with grass. New fencing poles were planted and fenced wires made whole. Grass were slashed and cut. Salt was put into the sandpit and the roof of the jungle gym and sandpit replaced. Rotten wood were also replaced on the jungle gym ramp. Brick steps were packed for easier access to the playground.

Other maintenance included things like replacement of electric light bulbs, fastening electrical cables with cable clips to the wall and the kitchen sink were sealed.

School Renovations

We renovated our classroom during December and the finishing touches were done in the first three weeks of January. An additional 2 toilets and a hand shower were added. Previously toilet routines were very slow and tedious as students made use of the community’s outside toilets. Back then we had only one toilet in the classroom. A big thank you to SPL management and their employees for assisting us with labour and materials for this huge project. Their painters painted the classroom, bricklayers building the toilets and did the tile work at the hand shower. All plumbing work was efficient and quickly done and the carpenters hang the doors and reinforced ceiling was erected to give us more storing space. The firewood kraal that was a flower garden were demolished and the wooden walls used to make a division wall between the Eagle and Lollypop class. All window fasteners were fixed.

School renovations

Last Minute Joy!

We hosted a kitchen tea for teacher Zanele who was expecting her first baby. This event was marked with cheerful laughter and was truly a memorable moment. Thank you to close friends and parents who joined us in this fun filled occasion.

Kitchen tea

Till next time!

Jenny More


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