Access To Clean Water

Currently, many of South Africa’s rural areas have limited or no water service. This is a fundamental human right which, realised, prevents illness and reduces mortality, especially amongst children.

We support access to clean, running water through the installation of solar-powered boreholes in our most underprivileged communities.

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Community Borehole Installations

In partnership with: Lion Sands Game Reserve, Mpumalanga, South Africa; Franklin Electric SA and JG Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa; Stanley & Livingstone Boutique Hotel, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

MCT is installing boreholes in the villages of Huntington, Mpumalanga, South Africa and Woodlands, Hwange District, Zimbabwe. In Huntington, prior to the first borehole installation in 2006, all 6 000 residents relied on a municipal borehole connected to 18 taps, which are supplied at random, once a week, for an hour. In Woodlands, residents do not have access to clean, running water, collecting it instead from a wildlife dam. With community health at risk and a drought predicted, their need is urgent.

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In The Pipeline – Huntington Pilot Water Project, Mpumalanga, South Africa 

In partnership with Franklin Electric SA and JG Africa, we are working on a pilot borehole water-supply model. A pay-as-you-go system ensures sustainability, with residents charged a small amount per litre, which goes to maintaining and installing the boreholes. The system is run by community leaders, with MCT providing initial training and continued operational support.