Education and Skills Development

We support early childhood development and care, primary and high schooling, tertiary education and training (in ICT, Nature Conservation, Hospitality), as well as adult skills development through community-based learning programmes.

Upskilling our people not only allows them to enter the workplace, but also to create their own jobs and employment for others.

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Henna Preschool

In partnership with: Lion Sands Game Reserve, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Henna is an ECD centre, which provides over 170 children from the rural Huntington village with quality education, daily care and security through a team of invested teachers and other staff. One of the teachers received their ECD NQF Level 4 in 2019 and another has been enrolled for her qualification, balancing fulltime work with further tertiary studies.

Henna is MCT’s original project and we have seen it grow from a mud-walled building with just 20 children in 1991, to a brick and mortar preschool – including four classrooms, a kitchen, three storerooms and two veggie gardens, feeding both the children and the community.

Needs: Shade netting, upgrade of kitchen, bathroom repairs, classroom repairs, and food

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Jabez Preschool

In partnership with: Lion Sands Game Reserve, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Jabez opened in January 2018 and is our newest ECD centre – and the first of its kind in the rural village of Justicia B. This means that its children no longer have to walk for over an hour to school in a neighbouring village, and now have access to quality foundational education at a first-rate centre close to their homes.

Jabez currently has 24 children and is expected to quickly grow. The school’s two teachers received their ECD NQF Level 4 in 2019 and the teachers’ assistant is studying further for her qualification; a vegetable garden has been planned to help feed the children; and thanks to the generosity of our MCT partners and donors, we have installed a solar-powered borehole and have raised enough money to build a second classroom, starting August 2019.

Needs: Vegetable garden, upgrading security housing, building of an indoor kitchen and food

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Itekeng Basha Crèche

In partnership with: Madikwe Safari Lodge, North West, South Africa

MCT, together with Madikwe’s staff, through the Kgatelopele Community Service Team, is working to develop this EDC centre in the rural Obakeng village. Itekeng cares for 35 local children, and currently has two playrooms and a kitchen.

Needs: Paint, shade netting, fencing, jungle gym and food

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Injongo Educare Crèche

In partnership with: Cape Cadogan Boutique Hotel and More Quarters Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa

We support Injongo in Mfuleni township, which provides a caring environment, as well as daily meals, for approximately 125 children. The crèche was started in 2008 by Mavis Ngcongolo who, troubled by seeing many children wandering the streets unattended, opened her small shanty home as a crèche. With the help of MATCHBOX South Africa, Injongo was relocated in 2013 to a larger, better-equipped site and MCT continues to assist with operational funding.

Needs: Kiosk/sewing enterprise, kitchen upgrade, fencing and food

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Heuningvley Primary School

In partnership with: Marataba South Africa, Limpopo  

MCT is working with the Marataba Community & Conservation Foundation to develop the school. Heuningvley educates about 200 learners between the ages of six and 17 from the local farming community and Marakele National Park, but is struggling due to lack of funding, a teacher shortage and poor infrastructure (no electricity, running water, or kitchen).

Needs: Fixing of borehole, jungle gym and food

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Masuwe Primary School

In partnership with: Stanley & Livingstone Boutique Hotel, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe  

MCT is working to upgrade Masuwe in the rural village of Woodlands, Hwange District. The school has 150 learners between the ages of five and 14, but with limited infrastructure, they study by candlelight and share buildings with the school’s livestock. Despite these challenges, the children give it their all to succeed in their education and broaden their opportunities.

Needs: Classrooms, bathrooms, solar lighting, staff accommodation, exam safe and food

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Good Work Foundation Huntington Digital Learning Campus

In partnership with: Lion Sands Game Reserve and More Community Trust, Mpumalanga, South Africa

MCT in partnership with Good Work Foundation and Lion Sands Game Reserve established the Huntington Digital Learning Campus in 2017, and continues to sponsor student’s tuition. The campus uses education technology to leapfrog schooling challenges and deliver three learning programmes – Open Learning Academy, Bridging Academy, and Career Training Academy – that empower children and adult learners (from three to 30 years) to access the online world and its opportunities.

Needs: Any donations towards student’s tuition would be greatly appreciated

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