Get Your Hands Dirty

More Community Trust (MCT) welcomes hands on help from guests who wish to get involved in keeping our development projects going.

Please note that Get Your Hands Dirty experiences:

  • Incur an additional cost, dependant on itinerary and transfers
  • Are subject to availability and the progress of the project
  • Are customised to the individual guest or group’s skills and areas of interest

The activities detailed below are intended as an outline of what visitors can expect.


± 4 hours (including travel time)

Graduation Cap: Mini teaching experience, supported by lesson cards on easy to demonstrate modules (e.g. colours, days of the week, numbers), or a pre-structured creative activity (e.g. finger painting, painting masks), with a small group of children

Storytellers: One-on-one reading practice with a primary school child in Grade 1, 2, 3 or 4

Health and Environment

± 4 hours (including travel time) 

Root to Mouth: Preparing, cooking and serving food for school children, starting with picking fresh produce from the school’s veggie garden    

Water Bearer: Water collection with community members from the village’s borehole water stations

Health Wise: Pre-structured health education session (e.g. on personal hygiene, girls sanitary care) taught to a small group of high school learners  

Play Ball: Soccer and netball games with high school learners as part of their sports and physical education

Helping Hands: Providing nursing home support and spending one-on-one time with a retiree, or offering day care support, by feeding, bathing and changing babies   

Street Sweepers: Litter clean-up at predetermined sites (e.g. schools, churches, streets)

Green Fingers: Planting, tending or harvesting a school veggie garden, or planting trees at predetermined sites in and around the village


± 4 hours (including travel time)

Roll Up Your Sleeves: Renovation and upgrades assistance (e.g. digging, building, painting) at MCT’s projects

Keep It Clean: Infrastructure clean-up (e.g. washing and cleaning classrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, equipment) to maintain facilities in good condition