Heuningvley Primary School

We are currently working with the Marataba Community & Conservation Foundation to upgrade Heuningvley Primary School. Heuningvley educates 210 learners between the ages of five and 14 from the local farming community and Marakele National Park, but is struggling due to a lack of funding, a teacher shortage, and poor infrastructure.

There are only two permanent teachers on staff, meaning that they are tasked with teaching two grades at the same time. Government subsidies fund very limited school supplies, including crucial textbooks. Furthermore, the school has no electricity and running water. Local farmers do supply water, but a lack of piped water makes flushable toilets unusable and the school’s only ablutions are unsanitary long drops.

In light of these challenges, our project involves: installing electricity and water infrastructure; building bathrooms; building a kitchen; and planting a vegetable garden to provide the children, and other members of this impoverished community, with a reliable food source.

Together, we can do more – if possible, please assist us with a sponsorship: