Improving Living Standards

We support the provision of basic needs to improve our people’s quality of life and ensure their well-being. Our main focuses are on providing access to security, basic healthcare, proper sanitation and clean, running water.

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Soul Food

In partnership with: MORE, South Africa and Zimbabwe

This is a MORE staff programme, facilitated by MCT, which encourages all of our people to live the MORE values and give back to their local communities. They do this by lending a hand at MCT’s development projects through our Get Your Hands Dirty initiatives, which sees them roll up their sleeves to help out with building, maintenance, gardening, cleaning, cooking, childcare, and any other tasks that contribute to the projects’ success and communities’ well-being.

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Frida Hartley Shelter

In partnership with: MORE Head Office, Johannesburg, South Africa

Frida Hartley in Yeoville, Johannesburg does exemplary work taking in homeless women and their children, who are the victims of poverty, abuse and neglect, and empowering them to become independent. A programme is created for each woman offering counselling, job-skills training and referrals to employment, and childcare is also provided. We feel we can also make a difference here and assist the shelter with funding, maintenance, training, and mentorships.

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