Jabez Pre-School

Ensuring every child’s well-being today is the best way of securing robust economies tomorrow. The benefits of early childhood development are greatest for the poorest and most marginalised children, who fall behind before they even begin primary school. Early childhood is the most important time to invest in a child’s learning and future success. These programs are more effective and less expensive than later interventions aimed at older children or adults.

Jabez is located within the greater Bushbuckridge-area of Mpumalanga in the small village community of Justicia B. With a population of just 3 000 people, this community currently has no access to education or healthcare. The lack of infrastructure and support has resulted in at least 70 children, all under the age of 5, being forced to walk for over an hour in one direction every day to the neighbouring village. This brings with it security and safety risks, along with compromising the quality of their Early Childhood Development. Malnutrition within the community is also a critical area that needs to be addressed.

Jabez broke ground in August 2017 to welcome the first class of learners in January 2018.

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