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Bushveld Mission Children’s Home

The NJ MORE Field Guide College is one of the diversified businesses within the MORE portfolio, and as such, is affiliated with the More Community Trust.

Their community initiative is driven by two core values; to care for others and to care for the environment. Located in Vaalwater (1.5 hrs from NJ More Field Guide College), the Bushveld Mission Children’s Home is a home for children from infant to 18, and accommodates up to 65 in total. The kids are either orphans, or are handed over by their families due to poverty or domestic abuse. 15 volunteer staff are highly committed to making a real difference in the children’s lives by:

  • Assisting with schooling and home work
  • Teaching life skills, such as taking care for a veggie garden, owning live stock and the efficacy of solar geysers.
  • Providing guidance as to how to fulfil duties around home, learning how to cook or to play a musical instrument
  • Sourcing sponsors for further education, once the children are old enough to “grow wings”
  • Providing a safe home where they can find love and care, and instil in the children the choice to continue a better way of life when they are older.

What really motivated the college to partner with this particular mission, a registered NGO, was the shared common values: Enabling someone to start a career of their own choice and passion; Empowering others to take on responsibilities and be accountable; Raising awareness of the necessity of eco-friendliness and sustainability.

In short: to care for others, to care for the environment.

They immediately resonated with the warm and caring energy of this special place, and the professionalism of its dedicated team, who intend to impact on and change a life forever.

They wish to connect their two worlds in order to benefit and learn from each other. This will happen over a number of different projects, such as assisting hands-on with maintenance, or inviting children to NJ MORE to experience game drives, where they will learn about the beauty of the wilderness, and the importance of protecting those pristine areas for a common future.

For further information, visit their website here