Huntington Digital Learning Campus

We assisted the Good Work Foundation with building Huntington village’s Digital Learning Campus, which opened in June 2017, and continue to help fund this hugely impactful project. The campus uses education technology to leapfrog rural schooling challenges and deliver learning programmes that empower child and adult students (from three to 70 years of age), living in this remote community, to navigate the online world and access all its opportunities.

The two main programmes offered are:

The Bridging Academy teaching the skills necessary to bridge the gap between school and employment, or further education and training. This prepares school leavers for working in the modern business environment. The programme is accredited and taught over one year.

The Open Learning Academy allowing primary schools to outsource teaching of digital, English and mathematics literacy to the campus. The campus can serve up to 10 satellite schools. This is a continuous programme that supports rural learners from Grade 4 to Grade 8.

The campus also offers additional career programmes for graduates of the Bridging Academy. These correspond with the needs of the community, and can include for example: hospitality management; conservation and wildlife monitoring; ICT infrastructure; ICT classroom integration; and media studies. By retaining a portion of the graduates and their new skills in the community, the local economy will be developed.

Together, we can do more – if possible, please assist us: