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Injongo Educare Centre

We support Injongo Educare Centre, in Cape Town’s Mfuleni township, through Matchbox – a non-profit organisation working to improve the quality of life and learning for young children living in South Africa’s underprivileged township communities.

Injongo was founded in January 2008 by courageous Mfuleni resident, Mavis Ngcongolo. Troubled by seeing the many children who wandered the streets unattended during the day, she opened the doors of her tiny shack on a 90m2 piece of land as a crèche. Although many parents could not afford the low fees, Mavis still managed to create a safe and loving environment, and provide daily meals for about 70 young and vulnerable children.

Recognising Mavis’ urgent need for support, Matchbox, together with its partners and donors, arranged for Injongo’s relocation to a bigger site and extensive upgrade. Care givers, parents and community memebers helped identify needs to be fulfilled by the project, and participated in all phases. The new centre opened in October 2013 and has colourful, spacious play areas, a fully-equipped kitchen, and boys-and-girls bathroom facilities.

At the same time, caregivers and parents participated in Early Childhood Development Practitioners and Parents Training workshops facilitated by Power-Child Campus, Matchbox’s local partner. Once properly staffed and upgraded, South African crèches meet official requirements to become eligible for government subsidies. These provide some financial security so they can look forward to a sustainable future.

Today, Injongo cares for about 125 children – and is more than a crèche. Mavis and her team offer the centre as a space for: children to do their homework and prepare for exams; upskilling sewing courses for unemployed parents; photography workshops; church services; cultural celebrations; and community events. All of Mfuleni benefit from Injongo and have a deep sense of pride in their centre.

For more information, please visit the Matchbox website

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