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Jenny More Preschool

We, in partnership with the More family-owned Swaziland Plantation Group, support Jenny More Preschool in the Piggs Peak community. The school currently enrols 53 children between the ages of three and six from the local sawmilling and forestry community. This unique student population represents the people of Swaziland, and the school is committed to preserving their siSwati language.

The preschool dates back to 1964, and has opened and closed in the interim under various names. However, when John More established Swaziland Plantation in 1987, his wife Louise, with a sincere interest in the well-being of the Swazi children and their education, committed to developing the then-called Thuthukani Preschool. John and Louise’s son Guy later took over the business in 2005, and his wife Jenny dedicated herself as the new caretaker of the preschool, renamed after her.

Today, Jenny More Preschool is headed by Susette Prinsloo, Jenny remains as caretaker, and there are two teachers on staff to look after the children. The preschool also has a playground – including jungle gyms, swings, slides, and a sandpit – a kitchen with storeroom, and a vegetable garden to help provide the children with nourishing meals. Plans are currently underway to build another classroom.

Together, we can do more – if possible, please assist us with a sponsorship:

Sponsor a child for a month          > R232 (US$16)

 Sponsor a child for a year            > R2 898 (US$200)

 Feed a family for a month            > R1 446 (US$100)