Jenny More Pre-Primary Jenny More Pre-Primary Jenny More Pre-Primary Jenny More Pre-Primary

Jenny More Pre-School

Originally founded by Mr Rosenberg in 1964, the pre-school served the community for 18 years before it closed. It was re-opened in the 1980’s. It is said that Mr Rosenberg used to visit the Sawmill, and was instantly surrounded by a group of kids who would welcome him enthusiastically (and ask for some sweets). He realized the need and elected to start a pre-school for the youngsters.

The Pre-school initially enrolled between 9-12 kids per year as it developed in the 1990’s – headed by Mrs Khumalo and Mrs Phiri (both who have since passed on). Under the leadership of Miss Pinky Bhembe who headed the pre-school between 1999-2005, it was named Thuthukani Pre-school and enrolments raised significantly to 20 kids.

Miss Khetsiwe Simelane took over in 2006, and it was at this point that the school was renamed the Jenny More Pre-school (named after Jenny More, caretaker of the school and wife of the company’s director). It is now home to between 28 and 36 kids.

The school is located in the lower to mid-level socio-economic area of Piggs Peak, Swaziland, and serves the children of a strong culturally-rich population of forestry and saw-milling workers. This unique student population represents Swaziland, and its languages and dialects include English and SiSwati.

Please show your support by assisting with one of the below sponsorships:

Sponsor a child for a month          > R232 (USD 16)

 Sponsor a child for a year            > R2,898 (USD 200)

 Feed a family for a month            > R1,446 (USD 100)