Henna Pre-School

Henna Pre-school first started in 1991 and was named after one of the “Indunas” (Chiefs) in Huntington area who always said “Henna!” as his way of greeting his people.

The Pre-school was started from a donation from the Roman Catholic Church, and approximately 20 children attended in the early years. The school initially used mud-walled buildings for its infrastructure.

In July 2002, Thembi Mdluli (Community Development Manager) and Nick More (then CEO of Lion Sands Game Reserve) had a conversation about Huntington’s village development at Lion Sands River Lodge. Neither could have known that their vision would ultimately benefit more than 6 000 people! Nick More then visited Henna Pre-school (which had less than 25 children, 1 teacher and 2 cleaners in August 2002), and so began the longstanding sponsorship and development programme.

To date, 789 young learners have graduated from the pre-school, and have enjoyed the daily security, care and support from a team of invested teachers and staff. The school has developed from its mud-walled buildings, and now boasts 4 classrooms, 1 kitchen with storeroom, 2 additional store rooms and 2 vegetable gardens.

Please show your support by assisting with one of the below sponsorships:

Sponsor a child for a month          > R232 (USD 16)

 Sponsor a child for a year            > R2,898 (USD 200)

 Feed a family for a month            > R1,446 (USD 100)