New Beginnings Day Care

New Beginnings is Huntington village’s only day care for babies from birth to two years of age. The day care was started in 2008 by three volunteer ladies from Huntington Home Care to give teenage mothers childcare support, which allows them to complete their own schooling.

The children are dropped off by their mothers at the day care by 06h00 and fetched by them at 15h00. When they become toddlers, they are taken to and looked after during the day at the village’s Henna Pre-School.

New Beginnings Day Care was officially named by John and Jocelyn Lecluse from Canada who visited and found that 27 babies were all taken care of in just one playroom. They went back home and worked with the Tides Foundation to raise money to build two new playrooms.

Together, we can do more – if possible, please assist us with a sponsorship: