New Beginnings Day Care

The only day care for babies from birth to 2 years of age was started in 2008 by 3 volunteer ladies from Huntington Home Based Care, with the aim of sending all teenage mothers back to school. These young girls do not have any means of support for their children.

Babies are left by their mothers at 06h00 when they leave for school and are collected again at 15h00. The toddlers are sent across to Henna preschool when they turn 2,5 years of age.

The name ‘New Beginnings’ was given to the Day Care by John & Jocelyn Lecluse from Canada who visited Huntington village to find that 27 babies were all taken care of in just one classroom. They both went back home and worked together with Tides Foundation to raise money to build 2 proper classrooms.

Please show your support by assisting with one of the below sponsorships:

Sponsor a child for a month          > R232 (USD 16)

Sponsor a child for a year            > R2,898 (USD 200)

Feed a family for a month             > R1,446 (USD 100)

Sponsor a teacher to attend first-aid training        > R652 (USD 45)