Our Purpose

MORE Community Trust’s purpose is to give long-term, meaningful assistance to the communities in which MORE operates and to empower local people. We fulfil this through development projects that are designed around our three core pillars supporting:

Early Childhood Development
Ensuring every child’s well-being today is the best way of securing robust economies tomorrow. The benefits of early childhood development are greatest for the poorest and most marginalised children, who fall behind before they even begin primary school. Early childhood is the most important phase to invest in a child’s health and education. Interventions now are more effective and less costly than those aimed at older children and adults later on.

Skills Development & Enterprise
South Africa can successfully combat poverty with skills development. Around 27% of the population is not economically active due, in part, to not having employable skills and access to training. Upskilling our people not only allows them to enter the workplace, but also to create their own jobs and employment for others. This gives many more people the opportunity to escape poverty and work together to strengthen our economy.

Secure Access to Water
This is a fundamental human right which, realised, prevents illness and mortality, especially among children. Globally, one child dies every 21 seconds from a water-related disease. In South Africa, many rural communities have limited or no water service. Residents, primarily women, are tasked with walking gruelling distances to obtain it, regardless of their state of health. Secure access to water will go a long way to securing the future of our communities.